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What is the best way to request an SPA or class change?

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  • What is the best way to request an SPA or class change?

    Just curious why the Y class is plagued with so many SPA adjustments? Some adjustments don't even allow drivers to run their stock car in the stock class. This seems excessive.

    As newer and more advanced cars hit the track it would seem more logical to move those at a disadvantage out of the class into one where they are better suited to compete rather than eliminate fully stock showroom floor cars from competing in the stock class.

    I have seen other quite advanced cars be moved from Y to X. How does one participate in these determinations?

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    Trying to class street cars fairly is a real pain. The manufacturers just build what they want, so it is really hard to make "boxes" that fit a range of cars fairly. The SPA is one way to create a more fair "box". You have obviously found one of the disadvantages of such a method. My street car itself suffers the fate of not being in a "stock" class, but I don't HSAX with it, so never cared. An alternative to the SPA method (or really to the high point SPA cars) is to simply make the "boxes" smaller, i.e. more classes. This has it's own disadvantages of creating situations where many classes don't get much participation, so there is no competition anyway.

    There is a classification committee that discusses these things before any car is classed (which includes SPA). I believe the chair is on these forums, so should see this. I'll reach out to him as well so we make sure to get you the information.
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      Agree with everything said above, also a good place to start is to reach out to the autocross or race steward from your club, what club are you a member of?


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        here are some of the reasons for the car classing as it is and your options, in a perfect world all cars would be competitive in their class, stock, but the reality is there will be cars that are at the top of the range and ones at the bottom, 2 years ago Y was the top class for all cars and most had a SPA, a Z Class was created for the top Y cars and some other cars changed as well (removing SPA, being moved to X etc) this was a major off season adjustment.

        some cars need SPA to equalize them to the other cars in the class even stock if they come with performance parts from the factory that improve their track performance, this is done yearly to new cars that are classed

        If you think that your car is misclassed the process is to submit your car with performance info from testing (car & driver, road & track, etc)with a request to change to a different class or removal of SPA, you will make your case as to why it should be in a different class or have SPA removed and it will be looked at by the car classing committee or brought out at rule-a-thon and voted on at the end of this season, changes would take effect for next race season.

        if you are interested in getting involved with the car classing committee send me a e-mail at [email protected] and we can discuss.


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          Thank you for the reply. I am a member of the Madison SCC and will approach this via both avenues.
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