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  • Miata Classing/Points Question

    A question for the classing guru: I was planning on running my Miata in D prepared and looking at changing the shocks and springs but didn't want to kill 4 points on coilovers. Somebody on the forum pointed out that the Bilsteins that came on the car originally are actually coilovers. (pic attached) So would it be rulebook compliant to put coilovers on the car and take two points for the spring rate change? Could I convert the Konis that I was planning on putting on the car to coilovers and take the two points for a spring change? If neither of the above meet the rules, I suppose I can just have the 144K mile billys rebuilt and put stiffer springs on and take the two points for the springs - pretty sure that's within the intent of the rules.

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    I am not the guru, but will chime in. I think coil-over is interpreted as a shock/strut that allows adjustable height. An example would be one with a threaded body and matching spring seat that one can turn to adjust ride height. A shock with fixed dimensions that are same as the stock dimension would not be part of a coil-over. Some Miata konis have some grooves that are used to move the spring seat to different positions. There is a stock position and one or two lowering positions. Set it up in the stock position and I think you'll use 2 points for spring mods. Set it in lowering position and I think you take 4 points.


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      If I was working tech and you had off the shelf standard replacement shocks on the car I wouldn't assign any points. If you showed up with an aftermarket shock that allowed you to corner balance and adjust ride height you would be assigned points. Personally I think coilovers are worth ever point as long as you leverage all benefits that come along with them such as adjustable camber, balancing and compliance. There is no penalty for running high end highly adjustable coilovers so buy something proven to work well with your car.
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