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Question about HSAX points....

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  • Question about HSAX points....

    I am considering replacing my rear toe and camber arms with adjustable arms. This is not for any particular gains in performance but rather to speed my home alignment process.

    My question is how many points are assigned for simple alignment mod that swaps out the entire arm?

    The rules state the following:

    "Camber plates or other alignment hardware enhancement or changes 1"

    Am I right to assume this is similar to camber plates where you are assigned a single point for each modification?
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    I spoke to some other members with similar mods about this. They confirmed that according to the rules you can add as many alignment enhancing parts as you like for a total of 1 point. The points do not stack like other options like the Chassis Stiffening which lists (per each system).

    If you add toe arms, camber arms, camber plates or any other alignment based modification it's a total of 1 point.

    They also communicated that camber plates were not an additional point if installed with coilovers. That was good to hear! It might be good to define that bullet point in the rules as I have always been adding that point even though my coilovers came with plates.

    To better fit into my preferred class I've had to change my plans a bit but all-in-all they rules seem fairly well developed. Thanks for the space!
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    2006 EVOLUTION 9 SE - XM - BHF 1:19.3 (2004-2017)
    2018 AUDI TTRS - YM - BHF X.XX (2018-Present)