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2" rule for Roll Bar

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  • 2" rule for Roll Bar

    How strict is the 2" rule for the roll bar for the high speed autox? I have a miata, and I'm just below the top of the roll bar, but definitely not anywhere near 2" below.

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    2" rule for Role Bar

    I don't want to make any assumptions, so what type of car are you running? 2 inch rule is for your safety. Plus if you make it onto the track and then get Black Flagged for your head being too high, if you can't scrunch down enough to get that two inches under the roll bar you won't be let back on the track.


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      Well the way i used to do it in my mustang move the seat forward and tilt back. The other thing to do is order a kirky seat and bolt it straight to the floor should gain aroung 5-6 inches plus tthe seat will hold you in place better