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    Originally posted by heavy85 View Post
    Im talking road course. Cant change FD ratio and not easy to are different things

    I have no drag experience but remember John Thomas in the yellow LS Staulker ran 10.0 with similar power and if i remember correctly he said it was on road race slicks not drag tires. I think he said car was a bit lighter than yours (15xx comes to mind but dont remember for sure) but close. That tells me you may want to play with suspension settings to get better forward bite and bring down the 1/4 mile times. Not than 11.0 is slacking by any means.
    I wonder if your more shifting mentality is due to my lugging around in 4th all the way around at HPDEs. I do that because I don't need all the power, and just downshift to pass when pointed or want to make more noise to get that point.

    I like keeping the revs down to keep temps down and worry less about LS oil starvation issues. Thats the beauty of the ridiculous torque. Don't need to rev the snot out of it. Though I will admit keeping it in the power band would lead to better times.

    When auto crossing at BHF I do shift down to 3rd multiple times. 2nd gear is just for launch, and 1st gear is literally just for loading on the trailer. I could probably do 2nd out of 7 (and 1) but it really wants to spin the tires then, so I'm not sure it is worth the wasted time shifting if I cannot go WOT anyway.

    It's actually not that different from how my LS Z28 was. Just more overall speed due to numerically lower gear, higher rev limit, and cornering speed.

    My differential gear choice is a bit limited. This is the CTS 3.23, I guess I could use the CTS-V 3.73, but when 1st and 2nd are already tire burners...

    I like the idea of a lighter, faster shifting trans. I just watched Jay Leno's Garage on his Lotus Elan. It has a Quaife sequential trans that had me thinking. I went to Quaife's site and they do indeed have a sequential 6 speed set up for the LS. Said to take 750 hp.

    The bad news. Almost 8k Euros. I did not do the exchange rate but am thinking that is a pipe dream for now. I could also do a face-plated (dog ring) TKO 5 speed box. That would be lighter.

    The other issue with the Quaife box is sixth is 1:1. So for higher speed tracks like Road America, I would actually need a numerically lower gear.

    There may be more options coming out as I think the 5th Gen Camaro used this diff. Maybe the other new Caddis also.

    For now I'll work on the loose nut behind the wheel, add some lighter/better offset wheels, and maybe work on getting it street legal.
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