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C5 corvette build HELP with classing the car

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  • C5 corvette build HELP with classing the car

    OK guys new to the Midwest council scene, im trying to find a good class for my C5 corvette I was told T1 T2 or ST1 or ST2 any help would be great

    99 corvette coupe
    Fully gutted
    3,050 LBS
    Has full safety equipment
    Cage built to GT3 specs
    Brand new sparcos
    Racequip harnesses are brand new
    Intake and exhaust modified
    Dynoed 358whp
    Stock brakes on hawk blues
    Brake ducts
    Stock suspension
    315-30-18 Hoosier R6 front and rear
    65" wing
    No splitter
    Any help classing this car so I can come have fun with you guys would be greatly appreciated
    I will be at BHF May 28th running HPDE

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    Are you going to run Autocross or Wheel to Wheel? It appears that your classes are Wheel to Wheel.


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      I am thinking whoever suggested those is not familiar with Midwestern Council's classes. We do not have T classes. Plus, I think the engine mods and rear wing would eliminate you from those anyway as T classes are basically Showroom Stock classes in other organizations. We do have a Showroom Stock GT (SSGT) class, but I believe the engine mods and wing make the car illegal for that class.

      ST1/2 would not work either as it is for small displacement engines and no V8's. That may change, but that is how it is right now.

      Super Production (SP) is the class you'll fit in with no trouble. The engine mods sound about right for ITGT (Improved Touring GT), but IT does not allow aftermarket wings. If you unbolt the wing you could try ITGT. It runs in the same group as SP, so I'd just keep the wing on and run SP.
      Jared Cromas
      SCSCC Race Steward
      #111 ST2 Red 2000 Honda S2000
      #111 FP Gold/Blk 1990 Acura Integra


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        T1 & 2 are scca national classes and ST are NASA.

        MC has UNR which allows anything that has gcr compliant safety equipment. MC will also work with you to fit into something.


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          Todd Zimmer will run SP on occasion with council. His car sounds very similar to yours and your modifications. Its a fun group and lately has been seeing some resurgence.

          Todd's car is in this video, he had a failure in the first half of the race.

          Last year's Loooong Race:

          Tim Schreyer
          #38 ITS BMW 325is


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            Yes when Todd gets his motor stuff right Watch Out. Ron J


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              I plan on running wheel to wheel next year only doing HPDE this year to work out any bugs, my car is similar to Todds, Joel at Corvettesport helped me with the build setup , sounds like I will run SP next year thanks guys hope to see/meet you guys may 28th at BHF my car is Black with flat gray strip down the middle My names Dan


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                Thanks For coming and Racing with us, I am sure you will have a good time. Ron J