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2021 Annual Awards Nominations--Voting at December 9th BOD meeting

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  • 2021 Annual Awards Nominations--Voting at December 9th BOD meeting

    Nominations are now closed.

    Attached please find the nominations that were made on or before November 8th. These should be reviewed by everyone and discussed at the individual club meetings over the next month. Voting will take place by the seven clubs at the December 9th, BOD meeting in Rockford. The clubs should arrive ready to vote.

    Each club has two votes for each award and voting is typically done by club officers/representatives at the BOD meeting. If you have an opinion on a nominee, talk to your club's leadership.

    Wheel to Wheel Rookie of the Year Nominees shall have passed his/her FIRST wheel to wheel drivers school during either the last drivers school of the previous year or one of the two drivers school this year (2018-#2/2019-#1/#2). Nominees should display the “MC” attitude, fun with competition, and his/her driving skills should have improved greatly during the year. The number of events attended should be taken into consideration.
    • Austin Pearce (SCCR)/nominated by himself: I would like to nominate myself, Austin Pearce, for the Wheel to Wheel Rookie of the Year award. I started the season off at the Midwestern Council drivers school, where I continued to attend six other Midwestern Council events. I improved my skill throughout the year, finishing the season with my first top ten finish: placing 6th at That Long Race. I finished 3rd in Spec Miata points. At the track, I enjoy spending time with my family and working on the car just as much as the racing itself. At 15 years old, I believe I embody the Midwestern Council attitude and will continue to in the upcoming seasons.
    • Austin Pearce (SCCR)/nominated by David Wessel (GLSCC): Austin made the leap this year from karting to spec miata, and did a phenomenal job all year. He showed a huge improvement from his driver school weekend to running at the long race. He ran most of the weekends, and even ran enough and finished high enough to earn 3rd place in the Spec Miata Championship and earned himself some Mazda contingency!
    • Austin Pearce (SCCR)/nominated by Jason Pearce (SCCR): as a fellow Midwestern Council driver, I nominate Austin Pearce for W2W Rookie of the Year. He transitioned from go karts to Spec Miata this year and had a very successful season running the #37 Miata. At 15 years old, he was mid-pack competitive in six different Midwestern Council weekends in 2021 and even notched a top 10 finish in his final race. His desire to work on the car and understand the mechanicals is very impressive for a 15 year old. He’s a wonderful young man, friendly and articulate to adults and kids alike. Thanks for considering my nomination.
    • Lauren Wessel (SCCR)/nominated by David Wessel (GLSCC): Going through driver school last July, she has shown a steady improvement in her abilities. This year, she came back with a vengeance and won the GT4 championship, beating her main rival from last year that she just missed out on.
    • Mathew Novak (SCSCC/NSSCC)/nominated by Michael Palmer (all clubs): Mathew started racing this year with Council after competing in Badger Kart Club and winning his championship last year. This year he currently has with Council 5th place in SM and a second in ITA during the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend, second in ITA and first place in SM during the Jumbo Classic weekend, and during the 51st That Loooong Race Weekend he scored two 3rd place finishes, one in the Spec Miata class and the other in the Spec Miata Challenge Race.
    • Joshua Madell (LSCC)/Ron Jerominski (LSCC); I would like to nominate Joshua Madell. He is the kind of Driver MC needs. Got better as the year went on. Is a good sportsman. Did 5 of 8 races, and won the GT1 championship.

    High Speed Autocross Rookie of the Year Same as for the Wheel to Wheel ROTY
    • Maryah Carlin (NSSCC)/nominated by Michael Palmer (all clubs): In her first year of HSAX she won the XM – X Modified Class with one win, and a second place over three race weekends at Blackhawk Farms.
    • Sharon Lundholm (MSCC)/Nick Schultz (MSCC): I’d like to nominate Sharon Lundholm (MSCC) for HSAX rookie of the year. Sharon has been participating in parking lot autocross with Madison Sports Car club for several years now and started doing HSAX this past season in her Miata. Sharon has shown great improvement in her road course driving skills and has dropped 5 seconds off her time from her first ever timed run to her fastest. Sharon consistently demonstrates a great attitude as a student when I’ve instructed her and her progress on track reflects this.
    • Michael Pignotti (SCCR)/nominated by Jeff Vance (SCCR): In just his first season of running High Speed Autocross, Michael Pignotti demonstrated great car control and ability to turn very quick lap times in his Volkswagen GTI. Michael has a truly competitive attitude that is contagious amongst his fellow competitors.

    Wheel to Wheel Driver of the Year Nominees should display a true sportsman attitude and be respected by his/her fellow competitors. In most cases, the nominee should have placed well in his/her class that they competed in for this year. Competitors should NOT be nominated for sportsmanship alone and those competitors displaying outstanding sportsman qualities should be nominated for Sportsman of the Year.
    • Eric Kwasigroh (SCCR)/nominated by Michael Palmer (all clubs): Eric has raced in every race this year in the ST1 class scoring six wins. Also, he was aiming for the Triple Crown Award by racing in the Enduros and HSAX this year.
    • Eric Kwasigroh (SCCR)/nominated by Jeff Vance (SCCR): For the 2021 season Eric decided to change cars from his previously ran Big Production Cheverolet Silverado truck and compete in the ST1 class with a BMW Z3. Eric attended every MC weekend and accomplished the ST1 class championship. He also nearly became Council's first Triple Crown winner in just one single season had it not been for a failed wheel bearing at the Milwaukee Mile. The failed wheel bearing kept him from competing in the enduro and possibly taking the championship in that discipline. He also attended all 4 High Speed Autocross events to win the championship there as well. Eric was a true racing diehard in 2021 and deserves special recognition for his efforts and achievements.
    • Brandon Steinhauer (GLSCC)/nominated by Brandon Bockrath (GLSCC): Brandon did a lot of work on his Miata in the offseason and had some great battles on the track and won the ST2 championship by Milwaukee. He was staple at almost every event this year and was always willing to help others around him.
    • Art Jahn (MSCC)/nominated by Corky Jahn (LSCC): I am biased but I vote ART JAHN for driver of the year. 50 championships in 50 years is something I don’t think anyone has ever done anywhere! Then consider doing it with all the extenuating circumstances and more. Nuff Said.
    • Rob Woelfle (MSCC)/nominated by Gary Schneider (MSCC): Rob won both the CS2 title and Enduro title this year, running 5 W-W races and all 3 enduros. He put a lot of extra effort into the John Boldt Memorial race, pacing several of the races with Boldt family members holding the flag in Jumbo’s former car. After pacing his own group’s race with Sue Boldt in the passenger seat, he pitted to let Sue out, rejoined the race in progress and won that race too! Somewhere John was surely smiling.
    • David Wessel (GLSCC)/nominated by Lauren Wessel (GLSCC): David is a fierce competitor and conquered every track this season and only missed a few races. Not only did he race on route to the GT3 Championship, he would get behind the wheel as much as he could whether it would be GT4 in the same car or in a different car like a Miata, CRX or autocross his VW GTI.

    Autocross Driver of the Year Same as for the Wheel to Wheel Driver of the Year
    • Eric Barnes (NSSCC)/nominated by Michael Palmer (all clubs): Eric won the XS – X Stock class with three wins. Also hotly contested Kyle Hemp for the championship and winning by only 28.586 points.
    • Nick Hendrix (SCCR)/nominated by Brandon Bockrath (GLSCC): Nick made and impression this year in the autocross community, not just blowing the track record for his class at the Mile out of the water but also being social and helpful to his competitors and even stepping to help with tech and taking the steps to become an MC HSAX instructor.
    • Nicholas Hendrix (MSCC)/nominated by Jeff Vance: Nick was extremely fast in his Chevrolet Corvette this season. He set a new track record at Milwaukee Mile in the YP class and nearly set the Blackhawk Farms record as well.
    • Nick Hendrix (SCCR & MSCC)/Nick Schultz (MSCC): I’d like to nominate Nick Hendrix (SCCR & MSCC) for HSAX driver of the year. Nick has been participating in HSAX for a few years now and even completed the HSAX school the year we had several inches of snow falling at the school. Over the last year Nick moved into a Corvette Grand Sport for his track car and he has shown great driving skills in a mostly stock car including setting a new track record at Milwaukee Mile and capturing the FTD at two separate events. Nick has also started helping out as a HSAX instructor and has become a great ambassador for the HSAX program.

    Enduro driver of the year- Same as for the Wheel to Wheel Driver of the Year
    • Jim Halvorson (MSCC)/nominated by Craig Sletten (MSCC): Jim started racing open wheel and enduro karts in the early 90’s. Jim has never lost a race in the Midwestern Council Enduro series since he started with them in 2018 and won his first race with them 2018. Not only is Jim a very talented and competitive driver but he is one of the best at repairing and preparing the race car and will also help out other drivers. For this reason I believe Jim Halvorson should be 2021 Enduro driver of the year.
    • Gail Woelfle (MSCC)/Chris Falconer (MSCC): I would like to nominate Gail Woelfle for Enduro driver of the year. Gail has been a stalwart supporter of the Enduro program since its current inception, and has one several class championships, including the 2021 E5 championship. Gail is always enthusiastic about the Enduro program, and drives the lion's share of each race for her team.
    • Craig Sletten (MSCC)/nominated by Jim Halvorson (MSCC): Craig scored maximum points for the season with victories in all 3 enduro races, including an overall victory in Milwaukee while running in the E4 class. Craig is a great teammate and a very clean, courteous, and fast driver.

    Sportsman of the Year Should be a competitor that displays excellence in character, spirit, and competition. This person will go out of his/her way to help others and will ask for nothing in return.
    • Steve Burns (NSSCC)/nominated by Michael Palmer (all clubs): Is always there when someone needs a hand in the pits. He raced with his daughter this year in the MR2’s. He will help step in when a race is being organized as well and help volunteer for a short while even if it is at registration or setting up for an event.
    • Nick Hendrix (SCCR & MSCC)/nominated by Nick Schultz (MSCC): I’d like to nominate Nick Hendrix (SCCR & MSCC) for MC Sportsman of the Year. Nick has been participating in HSAX for a few years now and even completed the HSAX school the year we had several inches of snow falling at the school. This past season Nick started helping out as a HSAX instructor and has become a great ambassador for the HSAX program. Nick is always willing to help new drivers as well as veteran drivers and talk about car set up, driving line, and in general share information to help anyone enjoy the HSAX program as it is intended. Nick consistently demonstrates exemplary sportsmanship and is a great asset to the MC HSAX program.

    Member of the Year Is awarded to a MCSCC member who has performed an outstanding service(s) for MCSCC during the current year. Normally this is not given to MC officers; they are volunteers for these offices and know what kind of dedication the position already requires.
    • David Wessel (GLSCC)/nominated by Michael Palmer (all clubs): As the outgoing President of MCSCC David has put in tremendous work here in his last year of tenure and have approved the changes that has helped place MCSCC on a solid future for the next president. He has also raced himself in GT3 and helping his sister Laura in her GT4 racing campaign. Whenever something needs attention, or an area needs help over a weekend he is there to try and help.
    • John Krebs (MSCC)/Corky Jahn (LSCC): I can’t say enough about John Krebs. He has been a long-term member working the grid nonstop with no recognition. (From my memory) He is the man. Two thumbs up and I think it’s time that the guy who aligns unrulily cars/drivers and prepares them for competition after years of service. Great guy. Nice. Well liked and an overall example of MC and the family atmosphere. It’s time to show our appreciation of his services. He has gone out of his way to help me personally as well.
    • Gary Schneider (MSCC)/nominated by Rob Woelfle (MSCC): I would like to nominate Gary Schneider as 2021 MC member of the year. Gary wears many hats behind the scenes that keep the club running. He has been in charge of membership for longer than I can remember. He is the go to person for all things Motorsports Reg helping the registrars for all the clubs both before the race and at the track. He is very active in the Stewards committee and can always be found on the bridge during all MC events. He even made arrangements for his trailer to be at the Loong Race for the kids to use while trick or treating when he had a schedule conflict that made him miss the race for the first time in many years.
    • Brandon Bockrath (SCCR)/nominated by David Wessel (GLSCC): Brandon was once again a huge help throughout the year both for Council, GLSCC, and helping an endless list of competitors. He won the Sportsman of the year award last year, and met if not exceeded what he did to earn that award. After two consistent years of proving to be a stable of the MC paddock and board, I believe Brandon is more than deserving of this award.

    Lou Schauppner Award (CSCC): Worker of the YearNamed for Lou Shaupner from Chicagoland SCC and given to a dedicated worker that is at the track more often than not. Enjoys his/her specialty and performs the duties to the best of their abilities.
    • Tom Madsen (????)/nominated by Don Faems (BFR corner worker): Tom is the flag chief for MC events. He performs his duties to the best of his abilities when he…
    • Leads the morning worker meetings and gathers equipment at the end of day, working one of the longest days at the track.
    • Visits every corner both mornings and afternoons to ensure workers are taken care of.
    • Acts as an observer at the unmanned Blackhawk Farms corner 2 during races and calling in incidents not easily witnessed by corners 1 and 3.
    • Lastly, at a non-MC event I witnessed Tom promoting the Club’s next event to ensure it’s fully staffed.
    • Tom Madsen (????)/nominated by Lauren Wessel (GLSCC): Where to even start! This year Tom stepped up and became Co-Chief of Flagging and Communication. He has taken the position with stride and gone above and beyond what I could have imagined! He spends his time outside of the tracks recruiting people to volunteer their time to corner work and bouncing ideas off a way to replace or fix our blackboard! No one deserves this award more than Tom!
    • Tom Madsen (????)/nominated by David Wessel (GLSCC): Tom has stepped up to be the chief of F&C is Lauren’s absence while she races. He has done a phenomenal job in the position, and continues to help with volunteer recruitment. MC needs more people just like him!
    • Dave Bralich and Dee (NSSCC)/nominated by Michael Palmer (all clubs): Dave and Dee have been fixtures at MCSCC events over the past 11 years or more. They are the tech team that have been keeping HSAX going all these years. This year marked their last year at the helms and with without them, no cars for HSAX would be teched.
    • John Lewis (SCSCC)/nominated by Chris Falconer (MSCC): This year I would like to nominate John Lewis for the Lou Schauppner award. Since becoming a member of the T&S team, John has shown an affinity to the job that few have, providing a great partner to Bill Martin. This year for several events, John was promoted to Chief of T&S, and is always at the track in some capacity. John also volunteers his time to the MCSCC BoD, providing his insight there as well.
    • Sarabess Boldt (MSCC)/nominated by Chris Falconer (MSCC): I would like to propose awarding the Lou Shaupner award to Sarabess Boldt. Sarabess has been a worker for several years, and has recently graduated (?) to full Operating Steward. This year Sarabess has grown by leaps and bounds within the Stewards program, being tasked with some of the more spirited groups throughout the year. Sarabess is also willing to be thrown wherever she is needed, working corners and other specialties as needed throughout the year.
    • Sarabess Boldt (MSCC)/nominated by Gary Schneider (MSCC): Sarabess has again this year volunteered at the majority of events despite working odd shifts, and has probably been our most frequent corner staffer outside of the F&C Chief. When she wasn’t on corners, she was up on the bridge as a Steward-in-Training, plus stepped in to help with Safety & Rescue one thinly-staffed weekend too.
    • David Wessel (GLSCC)/nominated by Jeff Vance (SCCR): Midwestern Council has been very fortunate to have a young energetic leader at the helm. This individual gives much of his personal time to see that this organization continues to prosper year after year including work done at the track on race weekends. You can always count on him being at the track every event and working to cover any staffing shortages that may come up. David Wessel should be considered for this prestigious award based on his never wavering dedication and workmanship to this organization.

    Rookie Worker of the Year
    • Greg Baker and Brian Kita/nominated by Chris Falconer (MSCC): Greg Baker and Brian Kita have made themselves fixtures in the F&C crew for Midwestern Council in 2021, coming to almost every event MCSCC hosted this year when time and schedules allowed. Rain, heat, cold, whatever, Greg and Brian both can be seen working corners for Midwestern Council. Recruited by F&C chief Tom Madsen, both Greg and Brian have become corner captains themselves in a short time, distinguishing themselves as quick learners and steady hands. MCSCC is lucky to have both of these gentlemen in their race staff ranks.

    Young Worker of the Year
    • Madeline Koeninger/ nominated by Chris Falconer (MSCC): I would like to nominate Madeline Koeninger for the Young Worker of the Year. Daughter of Safety & Rescue Chief Joe Koeninger, Maddy has been to every Blackhawk event this year, and has been a fixture in the Grid area, helping wrangle cars every time she is at the track. She has had a smile on her face and gives the gridding drivers a little bit of the Midwestern Council spirit every time.

    Bill Poole/Ray Jackson Memorial Award--Long-Term Service (MSCC) Named for Bill Poole and Ray Jackson from Madison SCC and awarded for Long Term Outstanding Service to Midwestern Council. Past recipients have been members of MC for 15 yrs or more, often MC officers, chiefs of specialties, or race staff who were at the track or working behind the scenes, dedicating a major portion of their free time to MC. This award is also open to anyone who hasn’t received it in the last 15 years.
    • Lynn Serra (CSCC / NSSCC)/nominated by Michael Palmer (all clubs): Lynn has worked for Council in many compacities over the past 15 years. She has been everything from a Club President for NSSCC, to President of MCSCC, and is now working for safety and rescue. Also, she can be found working registration, race setup, taking care of members who have had medical issues, all the way to making sure a race weekend can be pulled off from late fill in on corners, to even helping in HSAX tech. Lynn was nominated for this award last year and we believe this should be nominated again this year.
    • Lynn Serra (CSCC/NSSCC)/nominated by Bruce Weatherston (CSCCI would like to nominate Lynn Serra for the Poole/Jackson Award. All year Lynn has been at the track working Safety/Rescue almost every race, including the 3 day events. Quite often working basically alone or with limited help (especially the Friday or Monday races, some of which would have been delayed , if she had not stepped up to help). She’s been with MC over 15 years – was multi-year President of MC – past multi-year President of North Sub. – active member of both North Sub and Chicagoland – Looong Race registrar for the past 4 years – Open Wheel Driving Instructor and co – leader of the School – Multiyear Formula Ford Champion - etc.
    • Lynn Serra (CSCC/NSSCC)/nominated by Gary Schneider (MSCC): Lynn has been one of the most reliable and frequent MC volunteers for more years than I can count. I remember her blue as a Smurf working corners one frigid Milwaukee weekend, with only a couple corner staff in total. She has worked Safety & Rescue for many years, some weekends such as VSCDA the only S&R volunteer. And most recently she has been helping out as a Steward, another specialty increasingly short-staffed. Through it all she has been willing to jump in wherever needed so the show can go on, really personifying the Council attitude.
    • Dick Kneubuehl (SCCR)/nominated by Jeff Vance (SCCR): When it comes to long time service, Midwestern Council's current Treasurer should be considered for this award. Over the years Dick Kneubuehl has held multiple positions at both the Council level and also the club level, including President. A considerable amount of his time is donated to this organization each and every year. Dick is a true example of long term outstanding service.
    • Rob Woelfle (MSCC)/nominated by Gail Woelfle (MSCC): Rob is a long-term service member of MC. He started by working Tech where he ensured that cars and drivers were safe to enter the track. He did this at the same time he started his MC racing career by autocrossing his Ford Fiesta. When he got his competition license (racing multiple cars), he moved to Stewarding – both as Madison Sports Car Club’s steward and an operating steward at MC events. His experience as a driver and his knowledge of the GCR helped him to apply the rules to ensure infractions were dealt with appropriately and fairly. He also dedicates time at Stewards meetings working with others to bring MC forward. In 2021, he took on the role as Licensing Steward which has taken significant time. With help from Gary Schneider, he moved licensing to a predominantly online process through the use of Motorsports Reg. Rob carries with him the MC spirit and volunteers and contributes to the success of MC – and doing so while racing and winning championships. We’re lucky to have him!
    • Dave Schneider (LSCC)/nominated by Rob Woelfle (MSCC): Dave has been a dedicated chief of grid for MC for many years. It is always a pleasure to see his smiling face on the grid. Most won’t remember Dave racing his Pinto back in the day, but the real mark he will leave on MC is all the volunteer hours he has given us.
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