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280z ITS still competitive?

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  • 280z ITS still competitive?

    I'm looking to get into club racing with the mcscc, I have my eye on a '78 280z scca ITS racecar that hasn't been raced in years and the logbook is lost. Are these still competitive or are the miatas taking over? It appears ITS regulations have been the same for a while, just will need to update harness and window net but I could be missing something.
    Thanks for your help

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    With in Council the Miata's run either in SM or ITA. The BMW 325's run in ITS as do the 944's.
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      I think in a few more days you should get more info. here. I know that Dick K. Has a 280Z and runs it once in awhile. I only went back 2 years and he was running it in DP. I hope this helps a little. DP is in the Big Prod. group. Have a Happy New Year. Ron J
      Sorry I miss spoke he was running a 240Z. I did a little more digging.
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        It's been a few years since I was running in ITA and knew more of the IT scene, but I don't recall seeing any 280z's at the elite end of the ITS field. I seem to recall the RX7 and BMW were the cars to have. That being said, you'll be plenty competitive with MC with a good car. We have a few BMW's and at least 1 RX7 and the times were good, sometimes very good, but never such that I thought certain cars couldn't compete. I think you'll have a good time getting to know the other ITS racers and competing with them for a championship.
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