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Clarification on tires for ITA

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  • Clarification on tires for ITA

    Hello folks. I am going to be attending the Driver's School (hopefully) this April. Total noob here. I had bought a used and very tired ITA 12a RX7 and the Toyo RA1's on the car are totally shot. I've read and re-read the GCR but am not entirely sure if Toyo RR's (40 treadwear) are legal for race use. A definitive answer would be most welcome as I need to order tires very soon and would hate to waste my hard earned money. Thanks.

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    Yes, the Toyo RR tire is legal in IT classes. The IT classes (along with some other classes like ST) allow any DOT approved tire. This means the use of all the DOT-legal "racing" tires (commonly referred to as R compounds) are allowed such as the Hoosier R7, Toyo RR and RA1, Hankook Z214, and BF Goodrich R1 (there are probably others as well). The excluded tires are the non-DOT-legal racing slicks (commonly referred to as simply slicks) from Hoosier, Goodyear, Michelin, etc. Basically, if it says DOT-approved or DOT-legal, then you're good.

    When I started out in ITA I was using the RA1 for a few years as they lasted longer and we're cheaper. I switched to the Kumho V710 for speed, but I don't think they make them anymore. I'm in ST now and using the Hankook Z214.
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      Thank you for the clarification Integra111.