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WTB: VW Mk2 Golf/Gti race car

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  • WTB: VW Mk2 Golf/Gti race car

    My brother and I run a pair of MK2 VWs in ITB (Not a team so much as a guarantee that when we show up at the track we have someone to race against).
    Unfortunately we lost one of the cars to a rollover accident this summer and are not in the position to build another car at this time. There used to be a lot of ITB Volkswagens around, so we are hoping to find a complete car, a roller, or a VW built for another series or class that we could get to ITB specs and back on track this spring. If you have, or know of, a car for sale please email [email protected] or call (402)327-0282 (BTW, for non VW speakers, Mk2 means 1985-'92)
    Eric Gregory
    Bare Bones Racing
    1985 VW GTI, #6, ITB
    1986 VW Golf, #38 ITB (RIP)

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    Did you ever find anything?

    I stumbled upon this the other day:

    Tim Schreyer
    #38 ITS BMW 325is