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WTB 275/40/17 R-compound

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  • WTB 275/40/17 R-compound

    my 1st choice is Hoosiers, R compound

    WTB 275/40/17 R-compound


    super bike mike
    2000 SS camaro XS-AX

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    Try John Berget Racing in Delavan, WI on Hwy 50. I bought some really nice used Kumho R comound tires for $70 apiece. They were just scuffed in.

    John Berget Racing Tires. Your #1 Dealer for all Used Racing Tires.
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      Thank You
      thats the price I'm looking for!

      I bought a set of Well used R-compound tires at Road America,
      and wow-wee, what a difference!!!!!!!

      I have a STOCK 2000 Camaro

      I was doing 2:48.00 laps with my street tires, timed with a transponder!
      April 8th, 2005.
      Then i scrounged the pits for used R-tires,
      and some mustang guys sold me 4 used TOYO R-tires, for $40 total.
      I had them mounted, and boom, April 9th, 2005;
      2:45 lap
      2:44 lap
      2:43 lap
      2:42 lap
      2:41.3 Best Lap!

      wow, did that hook me line & sinker, on R tires!!!!!!!
      2000 SS camaro XS-AX


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        The street tires will just get ruined, anyway. The Kumho's aren't anywhere near as good, but certainly better than most street tires. The UTOG numbers will tell you how sticky they are or aren't. Lower = better.