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Street Unlimited (HSAX) rule change request

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  • Street Unlimited (HSAX) rule change request

    I propose to make Street Unlimited (SU) more of a true 'unlimited' class by excluding rules 1.2.4 and 1.2.5 from applying to SU.

    1.2.4 Shall not remove the Heating system
    1.2.5 Shall not remove Dash, Carpet, interior panels or window glass - they must be maintained

    SU #851 240Z

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    When the Rule A Thon is held present the request at that time. Bring extra copies for all members present. A dozen will do. I believe the Rule A Thon will be held on Saturday at the next Blackhawk AutoX in Sept.

    Just to comment: a "street car" with no glass or stock dash is not a street car even though you do drive yours on the steet.
    The heating system & carpet i don't have a problem with.
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      The interior panels, carpet, and heater are really the only things I'm concerned with. I have dash and glass but I think others like myself have remove or significantly altered the first three so but are still street cars. Agree dash and glass removal moves things to the next level which is exactly why I've kept mine. Once the doors are gutted and the dash is gone it's no longer streetable IMO. I was trying to keep it simple and just exclude those two rules but I'll have to work on a more refined request to only include interior panels, carpet, and heater. More to come.

      SU #851 240Z