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Street Tire HSAX rules clarification

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  • Street Tire HSAX rules clarification

    Per the GCR for SS it says "this category provides a natural competition outlet for auto enthusiasts using affordable automobiles equipped with common suspension, engine, and appearance modifications which are ...."

    However, I can't find anywhere in the rules where it says 'appearance modifications' are actually allowed. My understanding is that the street tire classes are to bring in the typical street crown which often have body kits etc. So are we missing something here in the rules?

    Second question along the same lines .... I run SU and want to build a fiberglass hood to add lightness, betting cooling, and additional downforce. Along the same lines as body modifications it's not clear to me if alternate materials are allowed. Under 2.1.23 "Additional non/OEM aerodynamic devices (wings, splitters, etc.) are allowed" it could be interpreted that could allow alternate hood for my stated purposed. Any guidance here before I start working on a hood I maybe couldn't use?

    SU #851 240Z