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SU rules change request

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  • SU rules change request

    1) start with easy one first ...5.1.10 should be removed entirely, its redundant as obviously aftermarket heads are allowed considering the drivetrain is free.
    2) 5.1.7 currently rears "rear passenger seats do not need to be retained", propose it reads "passenger seats can be removed". The idea is to allow all paasenger seats to be removed not just rear ones. Reason is this makes cars likely to run here from other clubs to be legal (three other clubs I run an SU type car dont require any passenger seat)
    3) add 5.1.11 "side and rear windows may be replaced with non-oem material". Same seasoning as second request to allow lexan side and rear windows like similar prepared cars in other clubs allow.

    SU #851 240Z

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    now only if there is someone (who read that) nice enough AND goes to their club meeting... would print this up and bring it to that said meeting to get the ball rolling on this.


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      SU rules change request

      Cameron, your best chance of getting this to the board is to contact Eric Barnes the director of high speed autocross. Your second best bet is to place it on the rules change forum.


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        Contact Eric. Too bad you didn't bring this up at the rule a thon. It would have passed no problem and Eric just bought up all the proposals.

        If a 2nd is required for your proposal. I 2nd the proposal for the change.
        Brad Oblak -SCSCC
        2000 Z28 #00 AM
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        2006 & 2007 AR Class champ - Silver Camaro
        HSAX Instructor


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          Or, we could go whole hog and make SU truly Street Unlimited.

          Street tires tread level XXX.
          License plates, and road legal vehicle.

          No other rules.
          -Shaun- #228 AR
          Brunton Stalker M-spec LS3/T56 2015 AR Champ
          2002 Z28 Hardtop LS1/T56 2007 2008 2009 SS Champ