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HSAX Points Assessment Chart in 2009 GCR

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  • HSAX Points Assessment Chart in 2009 GCR

    After looking at the points assessment chart, I find I have a question on the subject of brake conversion. Specifically, what is an “LB1 Option?”

    I’m guessing it’s a typo mistake, because I remember earlier versions of the GCR calling it the “1LE Option”, and I know what that is.

    1LE was an option from GM for third-generation Camaros & Firebirds that substituted the standard 10-½” rotor with a larger 12” unit, and the single-piston cast iron caliper with a dual-piston aluminum caliper manufactured by PBR Australia. There were very few Camaros actually ordered the 1LE option, but the parts were readily available and it eventually became a popular “upgrade.” These are essentially the same brakes as on all fourth-generation Corvettes and late 90’s Cobra-R Mustangs.

    I have two suggestions. One would be to correct the listing to say 1LE. At least it would be meaningful again. A better suggestion would be to change the wording to say something like “Fitting Cobra-R brakes to a Fox-Body Mustang.” I think more people know about that than what 1LE means.

    And finally for anyone interested, and

    are a couple of good places for information about what is involved in fitting 1LE brakes to a third-generation Camaro or Firebird.

    It's even easier on a Mustang! Mustangs use the same caliper, but with an even larger 13" rotor.
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    I'll post it here also, I wuld like to see annual tech for autocross for those of us not able to come Friday nights and to avoid the rush before the drivers meeting on Sat morning