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Minor Error iin the "revised 2013 GCR

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  • Minor Error iin the "revised 2013 GCR

    I was looking on line at the "new GCR and noticed that apparently someone deleted a small section or a few lines on the rules set. This resulted in all the text on the following pages to move up those same number of lines. This results in the heading of some sections of the GCR to appear at the bottom of the previous page.

    It doesn't change the context but it just looks "wrong" and if you print out a section you either have to print out the page with the heading at the bottom or just not print it at all and loose the heading.

    I just thought I'd point this out as I would assume that it's an easy fix. Just add a few empty lines at the bottom of the page where the removal of the line or lines started to affect the following pages.
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